31.5.2019 - May 2019 in pictures
May started by giving everybody an unusual snow chock but after a couple of days the spring continued. During a period we even had summer temperatures.  May on Åland is light nights and blossoming...
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30.4.2019 - April 2019 in pictures.
The last month has offered unusual early greenery. The temperature rose in April to about 20 degrees, with the result that we now go into May in full flower splendour. Several leisure boats are...
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2.4.2019 - March 2019 in pictures
The Month of March on Åland felt like a long dancing competition between the two couples, snow and winter and sun and spring. Reaching April we have a winner: The spring is definitely here. Images of...
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20.3.2019 - This is a happy region
The United Nations World Happiness Report 2019 has been published putting "...Finland significantly ahead of other countries in the top ten." Similar national reports show that Åland is the happiest...
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1.3.2019 - February 2019 in pictures.
February 2019 began with more or less continuous snowfall and ended with abnormally high temperatures and promises of spring. Please, check the Gallery.
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1.2.2019 - January 2019 in pictures
This year has so far offered beauty as well as drama. Generally, we cannot guarantee our producers a landscape in snow but this year it is all over white and stunningly beautiful. And the settings...
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23.1.2019 - Mariehamn offers free parking for film teams
Mariehamn, often called the world’s smallest metropolis, is the administrative center of Åland hosting the Parliament and Government and several official authorities. In the lush, small-scale town...
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21.12.2018 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Åland Film Commission wishes everyone a really Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with a lot of interesting film and television projects. We thank all our friends, partners and supporters for good...
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19.12.2018 - Saltvik B&B offers flexibility
Tina Dahlblom-Landell, owner of the charming Saltvik Bed & Breakfast, offers flexibility in both prices and meals. - Choose when and where you wish to have your meal served, is her greating to...
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10.12.2018 - Coffee on the house
The picturesque lodge hotel Björnhofda gård in Eckerö offers visiting film teams coffee along with a cake or a sandwich. Read more here.
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