Official Åland

It is a miniature state in the Baltic Sea flirting with you right now.

Surrounded by sea with big cities as neighbours and the world as a market.

Since the early 1920s Åland has been an autonomous part of Finland with its own parliament and government and with a notable regulatory jurisdiction.

The life here has a gold edge.

Swedish speaking Åland has its own flag, postal system and internet domain. We have a highly developed social care and healthcare, different levels of education, a thriving business life and a flourishing cultural life.

More than a third of the nearly 30 000 inhabitants live in the only town, Mariehamn, and just over 2 000 in the archipelago municipalities.

Historically Åland has been the scene for many international dramas.

Today the islands are demilitarized and focus on worldwide peace and conflict issues through the Åland Island Peace Institute.

The Åland Island Peace Institute.

You can read more about Åland’s autonomy and its fascinating history on the

Government’s official website. 

Facts about Åland at the Åland statistics bureau website

The Åland chamber of commerce.

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