Principles for administration and granting of production subsidies and production discounts for film productions.



The Government of Åland’s overall objective is to support film-making and increase the number of films, documentaries and other non-commercial films shot on Åland in order to help stimulate the local economy.



The production subsidy and production discount are granted on the basis of existing legislation and in accordance with the Government of Åland's budget.

(The Act on loans, interest subsidies and grants from the Government of Åland's funds and on the Guarantee 1988:50 as well as Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the internal market (GBER), Articles 53 and 54).

The Åland Cultural Delegation is responsible for the granting and administration of production subsidies and discounts. 



Subsidies may be applied for by registered film production companies. The applications must be sent and processed before the filming on Åland begins.

The production must have financing of at least 65% of the total costs in place. A subsidy can be granted as front end financing of a maximum of 5 – 10% of eligible costs.

The following factors affect decisions on subsidies and subsidy amounts:

  • Sustainable shooting.

The full team is focused on single-mindedly endeavouring to achieve sustainability.

Maritime transport is the primary option for travel to and from Åland.

Transport using petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles is kept to a minimum and bicycles, electric or hybrid cars are prioritised.

LED or other energy-saving bulbs are used as far as possible. Plastic filters are re-used or replaced by glass and lights are turned off when not in use.

Scenographers, props managers and wardrobe managers seek to re-use both materials procured and materials that will no longer be used.

Natural materials are prioritised when goods are purchased for the production.

Paint, cosmetics and other similar products are non-toxic.

Locally-produced food is prioritised and is preferably organic.

The production uses fair trade coffee.

Disposable cups and non-returnable bottles of water are banned. Ordinary tap water is used as much as possible.

Information for the team is mainly issued digitally.

  • The number of days' shooting on Åland.

  • Purchase of local services.

  • Screening rights on Åland.



Applications are submitted to:


Åland Cultural Delegation

P.O.B 1060

AX-22111 Mariehamn



The following details must be provided in the application:

  • All the production company's contact details.
  • The total budget (detailed) for the production and a list of all parties providing finance.
  • The production company's latest accounts and annual report.
  • A synopsis and a list of participants.
  • A sustainability plan.
  • A shooting schedule stating the planned number of days' shooting on Åland.
  • A statement of the planned number of shooting environments on Åland.
  • A statement of agreements on distribution.



50% of the subsidy granted can be paid out as an advance payment.

The remaining amount is paid out when the final accounts for all costs and income for the production and a statement of the scope of the shooting on Åland has been approved.

Fewer days' shooting on Åland than stated in the application can lead to deductions from the remaining amount.



The production company should provide information without delay of any changes to the production that affect the overall budget, the total shooting time, the start of shooting, the number of days' shooting or purchase of local services.



Production companies that have been granted production subsidies by the Åland Cultural Delegation are entitled to apply for a production discount - cash rebate - of a maximum of 50%, provided that the money is available in the budget.

If the rebate is granted it covers the most favourable, pre-agreed means of transport to and from Åland in connection with the shooting, for travel by archipelago ferries within Åland and for accommodation and catering services.

Applications are submitted to the Government of Åland.



Production discounts granted will be paid out after accounting of the costs in connection with the payment of the final amount for production subsidies.



A requirement to repay a production subsidy and/or production discount granted can be imposed if the beneficiary

- provided inaccurate information at the time of the application, or

- failed to submit information that would have had a significant effect on the decision on the subsidy or discount or the amount granted, or

- failed to provide information on any changes to the production that would have had a significant effect on the decision on the subsidy or discount or the amount granted.

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