10.12.2018 - Coffee on the house
The picturesque lodge hotel Björnhofda gård in Eckerö offers visiting film teams coffee along with a cake or a sandwich. Read more here.
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3.12.2018 - Good food at a good price
Ålands Björntjänster, known for making traditional home cooked food with a delicious modern touch, offers a discount to film teams. Read more here.
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29.11.2018 - Jomala offers free gym
Jomala has a lot of interesting locations to offer from a beautiful nature and countryside to modern shopping and industrial areas. Jomala, the largest country municipality in Åland and one of the...
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26.11.2018 - Eckerö Linjen invites film teams on board
The shortest way to cross the sea to Åland is to choose m/s Eckerö from Grisslehamn in Sweden.  Eckerö Linjen is more than a shipping company, it is also a major tour operator with agreements with...
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23.11.2018 - Mise helps you stay GREEN
The recycling centre Mise welcomes film productions by offering free access to the Depot in Svinryggen, Jomala. Read more about what you can find to make your production sustainable.  
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22.11.2018 - AXrent offers service 24/7
The rental service company AXrent has a wide range of equipment in construction, landscaping, garden and leisure: Toilets, containers, aerial platforms, scaffoldings, heating systems, electricity,...
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22.11.2018 - Ålandhotels offers tailored rates
Ålandhotels - three hotels, restaurants and an authorized travel agency - welcomes film productions. -    We always offer competitive group rates and prices tailored to the needs of the film team. As...
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22.11.2018 - New service launched
Producers can earn both time and money by choosing their services from the right company. There are also offers from municipalities and authorities which may be worth knowing. From now on, the film...
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19.9.2018 - Production support to Urban Canyons
The Åland Cultural Delegation decided today to support the project Viking Warrior Women with 30 000 euro. Viking Warrior Women is produced by Urban Canyons Ltd, Manchester UK. The 52 minutes long...
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18.9.2018 - Welcome to
Åland Film Commission's new website for international film producers has been launched today. The Government of Åland has recently adopted new rules for both financial support and cash rebate for...
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