4.10.2023 - The trailer of Stormskerry Maja is released
Solar Films, the main producer of the film, has released the first trailer of the film adaptation of Stormskärs Maja, Stormskerry Maja. Most exteriors in the trailer is filmed in the northern region...
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16.8.2021 - Premiere of "Agatha Christie´s Hjerson"
Tonight, 16 August, the new TV show "Agatha Christie's Hjerson" premieres on C More and on Tuesday 24 August it will be broadcast on Swedish TV4. "Agatha Christie's Hjerson" is a modern whodunnit...
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9.4.2020 - Welcome, Agatha Christie!
Åland Film Commission can proudly announce that The Government of Åland has decided to support B-Reel Films ”Agatha Christie’s Hjerson” with totally 250 000 euros. "Agatha Christies Hjerson" is the...
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1.11.2019 - October 2019 in pictures.
October in Åland is all about colours and autumn lights but also about a special tranquillity as both nature and society prepare for winter. The month is one of the most beautiful in the whole year...
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17.10.2019 - Filmkurs för teateramatörer
Åland Film Commission erbjuder en veckoslutskurs i filmskådespeleri för dig över 18 år som vill komplettera din erfarenhet av att stå på scen med utbildning i att agera framför en filmkamera. Kursen...
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30.9.2019 - September 2019 in pictures
Warm days but also more rain than normally has resulted in a very lush and green September with only a few signs of autumn. This month, especially the first weeks, is usually good for filming in...
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25.9.2019 - Production support to Nice Drama
The Åland Cultural Delegation has decided to support the drama series Tjockare än vatten, season III, with 60 000 euros. The action in the script takes place on Åland and many of the scenes has been...
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5.9.2019 - August 2019 in pictures
In the summer Åland is all about the beautiful archipelago and the sea. And happenings. Mariehamn and some tourist places are crowded from end of June to beginning of August and logistically...
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5.7.2019 - June 2019 in pictures
June is the first summer month and the tourists flow in by boats, bikes, campers... This year, the season got a good start due to the warm weather. But even if the streets in Mariehamn and marinas...
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5.6.2019 - SVT in the Maritime Safety Center
What happens if you are in a small inflatable boat and it blows up, first to gale and then to a proper storm? SVT wants to inform about this, and this is best done by hiring the Åland Maritime Safety...
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