Zoom in on Åland

Zoom in on the most safe and film friendly corner of Europe

Zoom in on our beautiful nature.

Zoom in on the islands of peace heading to be the cleanest place in the world.

Zoom in on 25% cash rebate and the production subsidies from the Government of Åland.

The Åland Film Commission is part of the Government of Åland



You are welcome to apply for both financial support and cash rebate.

Photo: Visit Åland


Åland has a stunningly beautiful archipelago. And much more.

Photo: Visit Åland/ Lentokuva Vallas Oy

Welcoming Åland

It is easy to get here and even easier to film here.

Photo: Visit Åland/ Lentokuva Vallas Oy


We have the mildest autumns and winters in Finland.

Photo: Visit Åland

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