If you choose to shoot your next film – or a part of it -  on Åland you can apply for financial support for the project from the Government of Åland and a 25% cash rebate from Business Finland.

Government of Ålands terms: 

Check the terms for financial support.

Read here about the 25% cash rebate from Business Finland

Film friendliness

Åland Film Commission offers you free help with finding locations and getting the permits you may need. Permits are usually issued promptly. 

We cooperate with the local police authority.

We also help you to find the right people to deal with.

Whatever your needs or concerns are, do not hesitate to contact us: 

Contact page here: Åland Film Commission is here to help you.

According to a report from The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth international film producers rank Finland as the best country in Europe when considering film friendliness, safety and security.
According to statistics, Åland is the most safe and secure part of Finland.
We also intend to be the most film friendly.

Citizens from the Nordic countries, the European Union, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can work on Åland for three months without any permits.

You will find everything you need to know about working in Finland here.

The mentality on Åland is “Everything is possible”.

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