Welcome, Agatha Christie!

Åland Film Commission can proudly announce that The Government of Åland has decided to support B-Reel Films ”Agatha Christie’s Hjerson” with totally 250 000 euros.
"Agatha Christies Hjerson" is the world's first spin-off on the world's largest author Agatha Christie. The TV series about Sven Hjerson is a modern Swedish whodunnit freely inspired by Agatha Christie's novels. Created by Patrik Gyllström, directed by Lisa James Larsson and produced by B-Reel Films Patrik Andersson in collaboration with Agatha Christie Ltd for TV4 / CMore
The filming on Åland is scheduled to take place next winter.
In the picture from left: Patrik Gyllström, Anna-Klara Carlsten and Patrik Andersson from B-Reel Films and Leo Dezoysa and Basi Akpabio from Agatha Christie Ltd.

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