Premiere of "Agatha Christie´s Hjerson"

Tonight, 16 August, the new TV show "Agatha Christie's Hjerson" premieres on C More and on Tuesday 24 August it will be broadcast on Swedish TV4.

"Agatha Christie's Hjerson" is a modern whodunnit based on Christie's caracter Sven Hjerson.

In the show Hjerson (Johan Rheborg) is Ålander and a former criminal investigator who is lured back to the murder mysteries by the TV producer Klara Sandberg (Hanna Alström). A large part of the action takes place on Åland and several of the scenes were also recorded here last winter.

"Agatha Christie's Hjerson" has been produced by the film company B Reel Films in Stockholm for TV4 and C More in co-production with German ZDF, ZDF Enterprises and Nadcon Film, British Agatha Christie Ltd and Åland's government. The series has also received support from the Nordic Film & TV Fund.

The Åland Government, as a co-producer, has invested 265,000 euros in the project. In addition, B Reel Films has been granted a film grant of a maximum of 250,000 euros to cover the expenses the production company had during the two filming periods in the landscape.

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