The trailer of Stormskerry Maja is released

människor som springer på klippor

Solar Films, the main producer of the film, has released the first trailer of the film adaptation of Stormskärs Maja, Stormskerry Maja. Most exteriors in the trailer is filmed in the northern region of Åland. The Åland Government has supported the film and a big part of the film has been shot in Åland in different periods.

The film will be the largest swedish-language film production in Finland to date. The director of the film Tiina Lymi has written the script based on Anni Blomqvist's novel series about Stormskärs Maja. The film will be distributed in Finland by Nordisk Film and will premiere in January 2024.

The Trailer: Stormskärs Maja officiell trailer

Photo Credit: Solar Films/Antti Rastivo

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