AXrent offers service 24/7

Sunday evening and you discover that you need a generator or a skylift? Don’t worry -  AXrent is there for you.

The rental service company AXrent has a wide range of equipment in construction, landscaping, garden and leisure: Toilets, containers, aerial platforms, scaffoldings, heating systems, electricity, hand tools...

- You name it, we fix it. If needed AXrent is ready for your film company 24/7, says CEO Simon Björklund.

- We also have good knowledge of the equipment available in Åland and the neighboring region. If we don’t have what you need we can help you with contacts.

Phone: +358 18 17880                                                                                                                     


Jour24/7 +358 40 585 1237

Check out AXrents homepage with everything they have for you

Photo: AXrent
Photo: AXrent
Photo: AXrent

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